Made in Germany: The first purely solar park-internal station

Made in Germany: The first purely solar park-internal station

We proudly present the first purely solar park-internal station in Germany, developed by Faber E-Tec, a subsidiary of the Faber Energy Group. This station is a significant step towards efficient and sustainable energy supply in solar parks.

Specially designed for IT systems

Our solar park-internal station is specially designed for use in IT systems and is equipped with a state-of-the-art insulation monitoring device. It has a 3150 KVA transformer that fulfils the Ecodesign Directive Level 2 and a completely redesigned low-voltage side for the inverter connection. In contrast to conventional solutions, this design utilises intelligent thermomagnetic circuit breakers instead of classic NH fuse switch-disconnectors with fuses.

Benefit aspects

Greater efficiency:
By dispensing with NH fuses and using intelligent switches, unnecessary heat losses are minimised. This maximises efficiency and yields in the solar park. In addition, the IT system saves costs for cable laying due to the lack of a neutral conductor.

Longer service life and less maintenance:
The advanced switching technology and reduced heat generation help to extend the service life of the system and minimise maintenance work.

Quick recommissioning:
In the event of a short circuit, the simple restart function enables the system to be restarted quickly, significantly reducing downtimes.

Less heat development:
The innovative switching system reduces heat generation in the station, which reduces wear on the electrical switchgear and increases reliability.

Insulation monitoring:
The integrated insulation monitoring device provides additional security and reliability in the IT system.

Complete remote monitoring and control:
Comprehensive monitoring and control options increase the operational reliability and efficiency of the entire system.

The new solar park internal station from Faber E-Tec sets new standards in the energy supply of solar parks. By utilising the latest technology and intelligent solutions, it supports sustainable energy production and improves operating efficiency. Experience the benefits of our latest development and take your solar projects to a new level.

For further information and specific enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let's shape the future of energy management together!


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