Perfect energy management: Efficient transformer station for solar parks

Perfect energy management: Efficient transformer station for solar parks

Discover the 7200 KW containerised transformer station for solar parks - the perfect solution for large solar projects.

Transformer station for solar parks

We are pleased to present our latest product: the 7200 KW container from Faber E-Tec. This innovative transformer container offers easy handling and comprehensive digital evaluation of all inverters as well as all necessary current and voltage values, temperatures and humidity measurements. This makes it the ideal, cost-efficient park-internal transformer station for larger solar parks.

7200 KW output for large solar projects

Our 7200 KW Container is specially designed for large solar projects. With its impressive output of 7200 KW, it offers the necessary capacity to fulfil even the most demanding requirements of solar parks.

Discover the main features

Quick recommissioning:
Thanks to its robust design and intelligent technology, the 7200 KW container is quickly ready for use again, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.

Remote control:
The system can be operated remotely on both medium and low voltage. This remote control option simplifies management and reduces the need for on-site presence.

Innovative ventilation concept:
Our advanced ventilation concept ensures efficient cooling of the components and extends their service life. Optimised ventilation keeps the system's performance stable.

Completely digital evaluation:
With the integrated, completely digital evaluation, all inverters and all relevant parameters such as current and voltage values can be precisely monitored and analysed. This function enables detailed and reliable monitoring of the entire system.

Integrated sensors:
The 7200 KW container is equipped with modern heat sensors and humidity measurements. These sensors ensure optimum operating conditions and contribute to the safety and efficiency of the system.

Hermetic separation:
For maximum safety and reliability, all technical areas of the container are hermetically separated from each other. This hermetic separation prevents moisture and dust from penetrating into critical areas and protects the technology from external influences.

Product data sheet

For detailed technical information and specific data, we invite you to consult the data sheet for our 7200 KW container. There you will find comprehensive information on all technical aspects and can get an accurate picture of the outstanding features of this product.

The 7200 KW container from Faber E-Tec sets new standards in energy management for solar parks. With its powerful, reliable and efficiently designed technology, it supports sustainable energy production and contributes to the optimisation of operational processes in large solar projects. Discover the possibilities and benefits of our latest product and take your solar projects to the next level.

We are always available for further information and enquiries. Let's shape the future of energy management together!


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