Optimised NSHV switching systems for trade, industry and agriculture

Optimised NSHV switching systems for trade, industry and agriculture

Versatile applications for the solar market

Our NSHV production has been specially developed for the solar market and offers a wide range of possible applications. Whether it's feed-in systems, supply systems, mixing systems or stand-alone systems, we have the right solution for every application. Our switching systems are designed to optimally fulfil the requirements of trade, industry and agriculture.

Reliable power supply and integration with photovoltaic systems

Our NSHV switching systems offer optimal switching solutions for solar energy and guarantee a reliable power supply. They are specially designed for integration with photovoltaic systems and offer the following advantages:

Mixing plants:
For systems that combine different energy sources, we offer customised switching solutions that ensure smooth integration and efficient use of resources.

Reference plants:
Our products ensure a reliable power supply from the public grid and are optimised for integration with photovoltaic systems. This enables efficient utilisation and storage of solar energy.

feed-in systems:
Our solutions enable solar energy to be fed efficiently and safely into the public grid. This maximises energy generation from solar sources and contributes to a sustainable energy supply.

Island systems:
Our products are ideal for self-sufficient systems that are operated independently of the public power grid. They provide a stable and reliable power supply for remote locations and critical applications.

Advantages of our NSHV switching systems

  • High efficiency: Our switching systems minimise heat loss and maximise energy efficiency.
  • Longevity: Thanks to advanced technology and high-quality materials, our systems are particularly durable and low-maintenance.
  • Flexibility: We offer customised solutions that are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of your system.
  • Security: Our products fulfil the highest safety standards and offer comprehensive monitoring and control options.

With our NSHV switching systems, we offer you the optimum solutions for an efficient and reliable energy supply in the solar market. Discover the versatility and benefits of our switching systems for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications and take your energy projects to the next level.

For further information and specific enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let's shape the future of energy supply together!


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