NSHV switching systems

Low-voltage main distribution board

Perfect for the solar market

Optimised NSHV switching systems for trade, industry and agriculture

Versatile application possibilities

Our NSHV production has been specially developed for the solar market.

Whether it's a feed-in system, supply system, mixing system or stand-alone system, we offer the right solution for every application. Our switching systems are designed to optimally fulfil the requirements of trade, industry and agriculture.


Reliable power supply and integration with photovoltaic systems

Optimal Switching solutions for solar energy

Mixing plants

For systems that combine different energy sources sources, we offer customised switching switching solutions that ensure smooth integration. guarantee smooth integration.

Reference plants

Our products guarantee a reliable power supply power supply from the public grid and are optimised for integration with photovoltaic systems.

Feed-in systems

Our solutions enable efficient and and safe feed-in of solar energy into the public public grid.

Island systems

Our products are ideal for self-sufficient systems operated independently of the public are operated independently of the public grid.

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