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The first pure Solar park station

Photovoltaik, Netz/Übergabe, E-Mobilität

Made in Germany

The first pure Solar park internal station
in Germany from Faber E-Tec

We proudly present the first purely solar park-internal station in Germany, developed by
Faber E-Tec, a subsidiary of the Faber Energy Group.

This station is specially designed for use in IT systems and is equipped with an insulation monitoring device. It has a 3150 KVA transformer compliant with Ecodesign Directive Level 2 and a completely redesigned low-voltage side for connecting the inverters. The revolutionary design dispenses with classic NH fuse switch-disconnectors with their fuses and instead relies on intelligent thermomagnetic circuit-breakers.


Benefit aspects

Advantages of the new Low-voltage distribution

Greater efficiency

The elimination of NH fuses and the use of intelligent switches minimise unnecessary heat losses and maximise heat losses and maximise efficiency and yields in the solar park. The IT system also saves costs for cable laying due to the lack of a neutral conductor.

Longer service life and less maintenance

Thanks to lower heat generation and advanced switching technology, the service life of the of the system is extended and maintenance costs are minimised.

Quick recommissioning

In the event of a short circuit, the system can be quickly by simply switching it back on, which quickly by simply switching it back on, which reduces downtime.

Less heat development

The innovative switching system reduces the heat development in the station, which reduces wear on the electrical switchgear.

Insulation monitoring

The integrated insulation monitoring device provides additional security and reliability in the IT system.

Complete remote monitoring and control

Comprehensive monitoring and control options increase operational safety and efficiency.

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